10 Creative Uses for Leftover Wood Siding

Don’t let your leftover siding go to waste – get creative and make something with it! From fun projects for the kids to home upgrades, there are plenty of ways you can put that high-quality material towards a lasting product.

Get imaginative and see what kinds of designs you can come up with using these innovative ideas specifically crafted from leftover materials: 


1. Outdoor Furniture 

In need of wooden tables, benches and chairs? Look no further. Cut pieces of siding into the desired shape and size for your needs. Leftover siding can also make a perfect top surface for tables. Wood is extremely durable and simple to work with, making it ideal for construction. 


2. Garden Planters

Siding is the perfect durable material for all of your gardening needs. Among the most popular materials for raised gardening beds are wood and metal. With a natural rot-resistance, this is an excellent choice for any type of gardening project. 


3. Wall Art 

Rustic wall art can come with a high price tag, but wooden picture frames can be created easier than you think. These picture perfect wall hanging frames strike the balance of charm and durability. 


4. Birdhouses 

Give your backyard neighbors a place to rest in a home of their own. All you need is scraps from siding glued together with a few finishing nails. After that, make bird watching a part of your daily routine! 


5. Book Shelf 

Throw all of your classics, thrillers, and bedtime stories in a homemade bookshelf. If you’re wanting to add a personal touch, grab some paint and choose the appropriate style for your home.


6. Blaze a Trail 

If you’re looking to add a backyard walkway, perhaps to a garden or to the driveway, consider a wood pallet solution. Digging a level pathway should be a quick and easy process, and then put your leftover siding pallets in place and push soil in between each step to secure. 


7. Wooden Doormat 

Mainstream doormats are out – and creativity is in when it comes to first impressions of your home. By gluing together the pieces of siding diagonally in a frame, you can create a sleek look for your doorstep. The wooden slates are both functional and stylish. 


8. House numbers 

Make a statement on your front porch with a wooden platform to place your house numbers on. To make your own house number display, cut the size of leftover siding needed and use this scrap wood as a background board. 


9. Nameplates for Kids Room

At a young age, there’s nothing better than a personalized room. With leftover siding, you can make creative name plates for each of your children. Add a splash of creativity into it by cutting out the slab of wood for them, and then giving them the freedom to decorate on their own with stickers, paint, etc. 


10. Dog House

Who doesn’t want to spoil their dog? Particularly if your dog spends a lot of time outside, a dog house is a great way to put leftover siding to good use. While this may sound like a stretch, leftover siding is actually a better material to use in comparison to wood for the following reasons: 

  • Siding is weather resistant, allowing the dog house to stay at a comfortable temperature in most weather conditions 
  • Long lifespan that won’t require a refinishing project a few years down the road 
  • Painting is possible while maintaining the integrity of the siding, and you don’t have to worry about paint chipping off 
  • Your doghouse will match your home 

Have any DIY siding projects you’d like to add to our list? Feel free to share in the comments below!