Roof Warranties in Denver, CO

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Paying for a new roof in Denver is a big investment that can cost as much as $40,000, depending on the type. Protecting your investment is the key to making your roof last as long as possible while keeping money in your pocket.

You can choose from different types of warranties: manufacturer, contractor, and extended. Remember, though, a roof warranty doesn’t protect against things like severe weather or other accidents. However, they protect homeowners from material defects or failures from poor workmanship that cause problems with the roof.

Roof warranties are limited in their coverage, so it’s essential to understand what they do and do not cover. In our guide on roof warranties, we’ll share what to expect, and what could render your warranty null and void.

Top Denver Roofing Companies that Offer a Warranty 

1) Interstate Roofing Inc.

  • MyHomePros TrustScore:  10/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.7/5
  • Years in Business: 30
  • Services Offered: Roof damage repair, roof inspection, roof installation, skylight repair, roofing shingles, solar roofing
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM, Saturday 8AM-4PM
  • Address: 1000 W 47th Ave Denver, CO 80211

T-2) Dabella

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 9.8/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.5/5
  • Years in Business: 7
  • Services Offered: Roof install, roof replacement, asphalt shingle roof installations, gutters, gutter replacement, gutter protection systems
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7AM-9PM, Saturday 8AM-5PM
  • Address: 6600 E Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80224

T-2) Cenco Roofing

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 9.8/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5
  • Years in Business: 10
  • Services Offered: Roof installation, roof damage, roof inspection, skylight installation, broken roof tiles
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM
  • Address: 4981 E 39th Ave Denver, CO 80207

4) Core Roofing + Solar

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 9.5/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5
  • Years in Business: 20
  • Services Offered: Roof damage repair, roof maintenance, solar, roof installation, insurance claims, roof inspection
  • Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM
  • Address: 4049 St Paul St Denver, CO 80216

T-5) Elite Roofing and Solar

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 9.3/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5
  • Years in Business: 15
  • Services Offered: Roof inspection, roof repair, roof installation, roof repair for storm & wind damage, roof coatings, roof financing
  • Hours of Operation:
  • Address: 5475 Peoria St Ste 4-106 Denver, 80239

T-5) Expert Exteriors LLC

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 9.3/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.6/5
  • Years in Business: 10
  • Services Offered: Roof inspection, roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof replacement, solar, storm restoration, roof financing
  • Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 9AM-5PM
  • Address: 3899 Jackson St Denver, CO 80205

T-5) Peak To Peak Roofing & Exteriors, LLC

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 9.3/10 (Exceptional)
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5
  • Years in Business: 10
  • Services Offered: Roof damage repair, roof installation, roof inspection, hail and wind damage, preventative maintenance, roofing insurance, solar panels
  • Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM
  • Address: 4155 E Jewell Ave #1100 Denver, CO 80222

8) Premier Roofing Company

  • MyHomePros TrustScore: 8.3/10 (Very Good)
  • Google Rating: 4.2/5
  • Years in Business: 7
  • Services Offered: Roof inspection, roof installation, roof repair, roof repair for wind & storm damage, new or replacement roof, re-roofing, roof insurance claims
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM
  • Address: 2570 W 8th Ave Denver, CO 80204 

Types of Roof Warranties 

When making your decision, it’s important to be aware of the various kinds of roof warranties available. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty covers shingles and other roofing materials for their normal lifespan, usually 25 – 50 years, depending on the material. For a roof warranty to last this long, most manufacturers require you to prove that you have maintained regular roof maintenance before they cover any defects or issues with the roof. Always read the fine print! Don’t assume a manufacturer’s warranty covers the roof for its intended lifetime. Some products have much shorter warranties, as short as five years, so it’s important to fully understand what you’re signing up for. If a warranty isn’t long enough, consider purchasing an extended warranty.

Contractor’s Warranty

As the name suggests, a contractor’s warranty is from the contractor who installs the roof. These warranties cover the contractor’s work and any failures that occur because of it. Like manufacturer’s warranties, there are strict rules regarding what is and isn’t covered. For example, having someone else work on your roof or doing it yourself could void the warranty, so any future problems may not be covered. Unlike manufacturer warranties, contractor warranties are for a much shorter period, usually two to ten years.

Extended Warranties

Some manufacturers offer extended warranties, but you must pay for them. Depending on the terms, it may cover the materials and workmanship. To get repairs covered, you must use a certified contractor approved by the warranty company. Depending on the warranty company, they may cover a full roof replacement if certain circumstances arise, but again, strict guidelines must be met.

What Warranties Don’t Cover

Warranties don’t cover everything, which is why homeowner’s insurance is so critical. Homeowner’s insurance covers roof issues from natural disasters like hail, storms, and trees falling on your house. Understanding what warranties don’t cover can ensure you cover all your bases.

  • Hail damage: Colorado is one of the most hail-prone states in the country, so it’s important to understand that most warranties don’t cover hail damage. Many contractor warranties specifically exclude hail damage; however, extended warranties may include it for a hefty premium.
  • Heavy snow: Roofs aren’t meant to hold excessive weight, and with the 47 inches of snowfall Denver gets annually, it’s a serious concern for homeowners. Like hail damage, you only have protection from heavy snow damage if it’s included in an extended warranty.
  • Algae growth: Denver homeowners often find algae growth on their roofs because algae spores blow in the wind and settle on roofs. Hot temperatures, high humidity, and overhanging branches help algae grow, weakening roof shingles. Unfortunately, algae is usually excluded from a roof warranty.
  • Improper maintenance: Roofing manufacturers and companies expect you to take proper care of your roof. If they discover your damage was caused by neglecting the roof, such as not cleaning gutters, having regular roof inspections, or removing debris, it could void your warranty.

If you worry about any of these specific issues with your roof, you may have to request special coverage on your extended warranty. In addition, you may have to take additional steps to protect the roof from specific damages for the warranty to cover your damages.

Tips for Maximizing Roof Warranty Coverage 

Before buying a roof warranty, consider these tips to maximize your coverage.

Documentation and Record Keeping

Carefully document everything you do regarding your roof. This includes regular roof inspections, maintenance, gutter cleaning, and repair. Having proper records helps you prove to the roofing company that you did everything to keep the roof in good condition and that its malfunction isn’t your fault.

Timely Repairs and Inspections

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding inspections, cleaning, and regular maintenance. In addition, if you notice any necessary repairs, have them completed immediately. For example, letting a roof leak go because it’s ‘not that bad’ can cause a domino effect, creating more problems. If a warranty company can prove you had an initial problem you never fixed, they could deny your claim.

Understand Terms and Conditions

Every roof warranty has different terms and conditions. It’s boring, but take the time to read the fine print. Know what the warranty does and doesn’t cover, and understand any exclusions that may stop you from buying the warranty.

Register the Warranty

Follow the warranty company’s instructions to register your warranty. They often give a limited time to do so, and if you don’t, your warranty could be null and void.


If you pay for a warranty, it protects your roof from malfunctions due to defective materials, poor workmanship, and sometimes extended circumstances. It’s important to always read the fine print on your warranty and follow all instructions in it, including keeping up with your roof’s maintenance and fixing problems immediately.


How long do roof warranties typically last?

Manufacturers’ roof warranties typically last for the material’s intended lifetime, which is 25 – 50 years. This doesn’t mean the warranty will cover any problems you have with your roof, but it’s reassuring to know that any defects that cause roofing problems may be covered.

What factors can void a roof warranty?

Many things can void a roof warranty, including:

  • Improper installation
  • Ignoring necessary repairs
  • Not maintaining the roof
  • Skipping annual roof inspections
  • Improper use

Can I transfer my roof warranty if I sell my home?

Most roof manufacturers include one transfer in a roof warranty. Before selling your home, contact the roofing contractor to advise them that you’re transferring the property. They will determine if you are within the stated timeline to transfer the warranty and can tell you the cost (if any) they charge.

What steps are necessary to make a warranty claim?

To file a claim on a roof warranty, you’ll need the following

  • Original roofing installation agreement
  • A copy of the warranty
  • Any required supporting documentation, such as proof of maintenance or repairs

When the documents are ready, contact the warranty’s customer service line and follow their instructions. Some companies require you to complete a form, and others allow you to file the claim over the phone.

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