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Silicone vs Acrylic vs Polyurethane: Choosing the Best Roof Coating for Your Home
A roof serves as a home’s first line of defense against the elements. Over time, exposure to sun, rain, and extreme temperatures can take a toll on your roof, leading to cracks, leaks, and other damage. Applying a roof coating is an effective way to extend the life of your roof and improve its durability. […]
Cork Flooring: Is It the Right Choice for Your Home?
When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your home, the options can seem endless. From traditional hardwood to modern vinyl planks, each material has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. However, there’s one flooring option that often gets overlooked, despite its numerous advantages: cork flooring. In recent years, cork flooring has […]
How to Organize a House Renovation: A Step-by-Step Guide
Have you been dreaming of updating your home but don’t know where to start? Do you worry about your renovation spiraling out of control without proper planning? Organizing all aspects of a house renovation may seem overwhelming, but breaking the process down into manageable steps is the key to making your project a success. In […]
Partial Roof Replacement: A Cost-Effective Solution for Targeted Roof Repairs
When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home, few things are as critical as ensuring that your roof is in good condition. A damaged or aging roof can lead to a host of problems, from leaks and water damage to reduced energy efficiency and even structural issues. While a full roof replacement is […]
Protecting Your Home from the Hidden Dangers of Clogged Gutters
Maintaining a home is a never-ending task, and one of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance is keeping gutters clean and free-flowing. Clogged gutters may seem like a minor inconvenience, but they can lead to a host of serious problems that can damage your home and put your family’s health at risk. The Importance […]
The Dangers of DIY Roof Repairs: When to Leave It to the Pros
Have you ever noticed a leak in your roof and thought about grabbing a ladder to fix it yourself? While it might seem like a good idea to tackle the problem on your own, attempting roofing repair work without professional help can be extremely risky and dangerous. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why […]
Choosing the Best Roofing Material for Your Coastal Home
Coastal living comes with its fair share of perks – the salty breeze, sandy beaches, and picturesque sunsets. However, the same elements that make beachfront properties so desirable can also wreak havoc on your home, especially your roof. High winds, salt air, humidity, and intense storms pose unique challenges that demand careful consideration when selecting […]
Do You Need a Permit for Your Home Remodeling Project?
Are you planning to give your home a facelift or tackle a major renovation? Before you break out the tools and start tearing down walls, there’s one crucial question you need to ask yourself: do I need a permit for this project? Building permits are legal requirements that ensure your renovation adheres to local building […]
Benefits of Working with Improveit
When embarking on a window or bath renovation project, finding a good home remodeling company is of paramount importance. Whether you’re considering a minor makeover or a major overhaul, the expertise of the remodeling company you choose can significantly impact the outcome of your endeavor. A reputable company not only possesses the necessary skills and […]
14 Signs of Siding Damage
Siding damage can be detrimental to your home’s condition. Holes, gaps, uneven boards, and mold growth can result in severe issues with your home. Understanding the signs to look for and how to repair them is crucial.   Typical Siding Lifespan Siding damage doesn’t always mean you must replace it. Depending on the damage and […]
Does a Security System Increase Home Value?
You can’t put a price on security, but you can install a security system to increase your home’s value. It doesn’t sound like anything that would make a home appreciate right? It’s not as useful as a home addition or as pretty as a new kitchen, but a security system provides peace of mind and […]
Bring Your Home to Life with Window Treatments
With window treatments, you can bring life to any room and customize it to reflect your style. You’ll also get added benefits like temperature regulation, light control, privacy enhancement and energy efficiency. There’s so much versatility when it comes to choosing the right coverings for different windows throughout your home. Window treatment options range from […]
Bathroom Remodel ROI – What can you Expect?
A bathroom remodel can be a great way to add some luxury to your home or get your home ready to sell. No matter your goals or financial position, all homeowners have one thing in common – getting the highest bathroom remodel ROI. While no one will get 100% of their money back when remodeling […]
8 Questions to Ask a Plumber
Finding the right person for the job can sometimes be harder than you think. It can be difficult nailing down a company that is affordable, professional, and performs quality work consistently. To save you the headache, we’ve put together some of the most critical questions to ask a plumber.   1. What kind of warranties […]
11 Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom
Do you feel stuck with a small bathroom and think you can’t remodel it? We have some good news. There are many ways to remodel a small bathroom and make it look larger and feel functional. The key is choosing the right fixtures, maximizing your space, and choosing colors that make the room feel larger […]
DIY Bathroom Remodel
If you’re tired of your outdated bathroom but don’t want to spend the money on professional renovations, there are many ways to do a DIY bathroom remodel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a carpenter, electrician, or plumber. These changes are something anyone can do, saving you thousands of dollars on a remodel.   […]
11 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel
Your bathroom is the room with the second largest amount of traffic in the house. It may not be a room you think about often, but it’s one of the most important. If you haven’t thought about investing money to remodel your bathroom, see if you fall into the category of any of these 11 […]
The Ultimate Guide to Impact-Resistant Roofing Materials
Have you ever wondered what it takes to protect your home from the destructive forces of nature? With severe weather events becoming more frequent and intense, the importance of a sturdy, impact-resistant roof has never been greater. But what exactly are impact-resistant roofing materials, and how do they differ from traditional options? Join us as […]
Saving Money on Windows
  Windows play a crucial role in every home, offering a gateway to natural light, ventilation, and aesthetics. However, the cost of upgrading or replacing windows can be daunting for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces while staying within budget. In this article, we’re diving into practical strategies and tips to help homeowners save […]
What to Expect for Your Solar Installation
Now that you have done your due diligence and determined solar paneling is the way to go for your home, it’s time to prepare for installation. Just like any other undertaking of this type, working with an experienced contractor is key as every house has its own particular characteristics which should be taken into account […]
Flat Roof Replacement Cost: An In-Depth Guide for Homeowners
If you’re a homeowner with a flat roof in need of replacement, you’re likely curious about the costs involved and the factors influencing the total price of your project. This detailed guide will cover everything you need to understand about flat roof replacement costs, enabling you to make an educated decision and budget effectively.   […]
How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?
Your home’s integrity relies on the quality of the windows. Replacing your windows occurs out of necessity (broken or leaking windows) and sometimes out of cosmetic need. Windows offer insulation, protection from the elements, and aesthetic appeal, making them an important purchase. But how much do they cost?   Average Cost to Replace Windows There […]
Tile Roofing: Advantages and Drawbacks
When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, few decisions are as important as choosing the right roofing material. With the wide range of available options, it can be challenging to determine which one best suits your needs. One popular choice among homeowners is tile roofing. In fact, a recent survey found that […]
Best Roofing Materials for Hot Climates: Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable
Are you tired of sweltering in your home during the hot summer months? Your roof might be the culprit. In hot and sunny regions, the roof is exposed to intense heat and UV radiation, which can take a toll on the material’s durability and energy efficiency. If you live in a hot climate, selecting the […]
Is Your Roof Due For an Upgrade? 7 Improvements to Make When Replacing Your Roof
Did you know that the average asphalt shingle roof lasts around 20-30 years before it needs to be replaced? If your roof is approaching or has surpassed this age, it may be time to start planning for a roof replacement. But replacing your roof isn’t just about swapping out old shingles for new ones – […]
Does a Home Warranty Cover Plumbing Issues?
Dealing with plumbing problems can be a major headache for homeowners. From leaky pipes to clogged drains, plumbing issues often seem to appear at the worst possible times. And the costs to fix these problems can add up quickly, putting strain on an already tight household budget. This is why many homeowners choose to purchase […]
The Ultimate Guide to Draining Water from a Flat Roof
Flat roofs, also known as low-slope roofs, are a common feature in many commercial and residential buildings. Unlike their pitched counterparts, flat roofs have a minimal slope, often ranging from a quarter-inch to half an inch per foot. This design allows for efficient use of space and provides a platform for various rooftop installations, such […]
The True Cost of a Roof Inspection in 2024: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know
Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, shielding your home from rain, wind, hail, and other environmental hazards. However, even the most durable roofs are not immune to the ravages of time and harsh weather conditions. That’s why regular roof inspections are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and longevity of […]
From Damage to Repair: A Guide to Restoring Your Storm-Hit Roof
Each year, severe storms cause billions of dollars in damage to homes across the United States. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2021 alone, insured losses from wind and hail storms reached a staggering $26.7 billion. One of the most vulnerable components of a home during these extreme weather events is the roof. Roof […]
10 Secrets to Extending Your Roof’s Life: Proven Strategies for Homeowners
Imagine a roof that lasts for decades, standing strong against the elements and saving you thousands in repairs. Sound too good to be true? It’s not – with the right maintenance strategies, you can make it a reality. Follow these ten simple strategies to maximize your roof’s lifespan and prevent costly repairs in the future. […]
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