How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a 5×7 Bathroom?

Ready to upgrade your 5×7 bathroom? Understanding the costs involved is your first step to a successful renovation. In this guide, we cut through the clutter to give you a clear, concise breakdown of what you can expect to spend to remodel a 5X7 bathroom.

Average Cost Breakdown for a 5×7 Bathroom Remodel

HomeAdvisor’s 2023 report pegs the average bathroom remodeling cost at $10,000. However, prices fluctuate based on the project’s extent and quality, with most homeowners spending between $6,000 and $15,000. For a 5×7 bathroom, expenses can range from $4,000 to $12,000, depending on the desired alterations and upgrades.

Here’s a snapshot of the approximate cost distribution:

Cost Range
Demolition and removal
$300 – $800
Plumbing and electrical work
$1,000 – $3,000
Flooring and wall finishes
$800 – $2,500
Installation of new fixtures
$1,500 – $4,000
Painting and final touches
$400 – $1,700
$4,000 – $12,000

It’s worth noting that these figures are drawn from national averages and might not mirror individual cases. The specifics of your remodel will invariably influence your final expenditure.

Key Factors Influencing the Cost of a 5×7 Bathroom Remodel

Several variables can impact your bathroom renovation’s overall cost :

  • Material Choices: Selecting premium-quality or bespoke materials will naturally increase costs. Custom-made vanities, for instance, are pricier than off-the-shelf options.
  • Design Complexity: A standard update is more affordable than a complete overhaul. Relocating plumbing or incorporating luxury features like steam showers or heated floors will increase expenses.
  • Professional Assistance vs. DIY : While enlisting a seasoned contractor ensures the renovation is skillfully executed, it does come at a premium. You may decide to opt for a DIY approach to save on expenses, but it’s vital not to compromise on quality or safety.

Tips to Save on Your 5×7 Bathroom Remodel

Budget-conscious homeowners can employ several strategies to stretch their dollars:

  • Shop Smart: Explore diverse suppliers, from online platforms to local stores or even salvage yards, to unearth the best deals on fixtures and materials.
  • Reuse and Repurpose: If existing components remain functional and align with your updated design, consider repurposing them. Simple tweaks, like refreshing a vanity’s paint or updating faucets, can transform a space without necessitating full replacements.
  • Opt for DIY When Feasible: Undertaking tasks within your comfort zone, like demolition or painting, can lead to savings. Nevertheless, always prioritize safety and ensure compliance with local codes.
  • Negotiate: When hiring professionals, it doesn’t hurt to negotiate. Solicit multiple quotes and discuss potential discounts.
  • Plan Meticulously: A well-defined plan and budget can curtail unforeseen expenses. Resist the temptation to make spontaneous changes that can bloat the budget.


Here are some frequently asked questions about remodeling a 5×7 bathroom :

How do I make my 5×7 bathroom look bigger?

Utilize design strategies such as incorporating light hues, mirrors, glass doors, vertical lines, or floating fixtures to enhance the space. Streamlining and optimizing the lighting can also contribute to a more spacious feel.

How can I increase storage space in my 5×7 bathroom?

Storage space is essential for any bathroom, especially a small one. You’ll be able to increase storage space by integrating wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, or hooks; recessed niches; over-the-toilet units; or under-sink organizers to keep the area tidy and organized.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a 5×7 bathroom remodel can offer tangible and intangible returns, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal and boosting its value. With the insights provided in this guide, we hope you’re better equipped to undertake your 5×7 bathroom remodeling project.