Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

As winter begins to fade away and the warmth of Spring emerges, it’s the perfect time to breathe life into your home with a comprehensive Spring maintenance checklist. After months of enduring harsh weather conditions, your home may require some attention to ensure it’s ready to embrace the warmer seasons ahead.

From refreshing outdoor spaces to addressing essential maintenance tasks, this guide is designed to help homeowners tackle every aspect of Spring home maintenance with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or seeking professional assistance, our checklist offers practical advice and valuable tops to ensure your home is prepared for the months to come.


1. Replace your HVAC Air Filter

It’s crucial to replace your home’s air filter approximately every 3 months. Under certain circumstances, you may even want to replace filters more frequently. For example, if there is poor air quality in your area, if you have pets in the house, or have family members with certain allergies, every three months may not be enough.

Studies also show that if you don’t skip this step, you might be able to lower your energy consumption by up to 15%. If your filters are clogged, air can’t easily pass through and your unit in turn has to work harder to cool down your home. You can also take it a step further and hire a professional to measure your HVAC system’s efficiency and address any issues before the summer temperatures roll in.


2. Touch Up Exterior Paint

Inspect the interior of your home and keep an eye out for any areas that might need a new coat of paint. This task is one that can be tackled at any point throughout the year – but is especially important following winter storms. If you want to totally revamp the color of your home, explore surrounding homes for inspiration or work with a color consultant to get that perfect fit.


3. Declutter

Bring the term Spring cleaning into your vocabulary, and face that mess you’ve been ignoring for months now. Take a couple of hours to reassess everything stored in closets or in your garage. If there are items you haven’t used in quite some time, consider donating them to charity or hosting a yard sale. This is a Spring home improvement tip that could also be carried over into other seasons to make sure clutter is contained more than once a year.


4. Clean the Gutters

Acting as a safeguard for your roof and the structural integrity of your home, gutters play a pivotal role in diverting water away from your property. Failure to effectively channel water can lead to severe water damage and costly, repairs, underscoring the crucial role that properly maintained gutters play in preserving your home’s condition and value.

At a high level, gutter cleaning includes removing any debris that has accumulated over the winter to ensure proper water flow. In addition, reattach the gutters if they are sagging, or even consider doing a full replacement if they are beyond repair. For more detail on best practices for gutter cleaning, check out our guide on how to clean gutters.


5. Inspect Windows and Doors

Screens form a necessary barrier, keeping the bugs out and giving us peace of mind – but only if they’re in perfect shape. A single tear or hole can create an open invitation for unwelcome insects. With Spring around the corner, it’s also an opportune time to give your windows a good clean. Lastly, check to see if any seals have been compromised during the winter months, and make replacements or repairs as needed.


6. Inspect Your Roof

In order to keep your roof at peak performance, take a look at its condition heading into Spring. In most cases, you’ll be able to spot trouble without hiring a professional. Do you see any cracked or missing shingles? Any fasteners that need replacing? The list goes on, but definitely take a moment as seasons transition to show your roof some attention. To help you spot potential signs of damage early on, we’ve compiled six key signs of roof damage and how to identify them.


7. Landscaping

To get your yard ready for Spring, you’ll want to put some effort into landscaping. After the harsh conditions of winter, Spring provides an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate the exterior of your home. By trimming overgrown vegetation, planting flowers, and mulching garden beds, homeowners can enhance the appeal of their property in no time.


8. Pressure Wash

Throughout the winter, decks and driveways accumulate dirt and debris, detracting from their appearance and potentially causing damage over time. Pressure washing effectively restores these surfaces and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. Additionally, by eliminating mold and mildew, pressure washing helps prevent structural deterioration and reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Ultimately, investing in pressure washing as part of your spring maintenance routine is a cost-effective way to prolong the lifespan of driveways and decks and prepare your outdoor space for the warmer seasons.


9. Clean Windows

As the winter months pass, windows often accumulate dirt, grime and residue from rain, snow, and wind, which can significantly obscure light and hinder the view. By thoroughly cleaning windows in the Spring, homeowners can allow more natural light into their space, creating a brighter atmosphere. Additionally, clean windows improve the overall appearance of the home, from both the inside and outside.


Final Thoughts

By following this Spring home maintenance checklist, you can ensure that your home is not only prepared for the season ahead but also maintained to its fullest potential. From addressing outdoor tasks to indoor maintenance, each item on the checklist plays a vital role in preserving the integrity and functionality of your home. By investing time and effort into these tasks now, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is well equipped as Spring approaches.