7 DIY Home Security Projects

Every year in the United States, nearly 1.6 million burglaries occur – that’s one burglary every 20 seconds. While no home is burglar-proof, you can add an extra layer of protection to your home with a few easy DIY home security projects.

1. Brighten Your Exterior

Protect your home from unwanted visitors with a floodlight camera or motion-activated lights. This simple solution will ward off any intruders that may be lurking in the shadows, making it harder for burglars to sneak up on your home unnoticed. Additionally, when you’re out of town these lights can be set on an automatic timer for added security.

2. Reevaluate Your Hide A Key

How hidden is your hide a key? Homeowners often attempt to outsmart burglars by “hiding” a house key outside their residence – be it under the doormat or within the shed. Unfortunately, these common hiding spots are well-known and present an easy opportunity for intruders looking for quick access. To truly protect your property’s safety, avoid hiding a spare key outside. Instead, entrust that responsibility to a neighbor so they can watch over the extra key on your behalf.

3. Install a Home Security System

There are several advantages to adding a wireless security system to your home, one being that it is a project that will take only around 30 minutes to complete. Almost every basic component in a burglar alarm is surprisingly simple to install.

Thoughtful home security means equipping your space with both visible and hidden cameras – a warning to any potential intruder that their every move is watched, as well as an insurance policy for capturing footage should the former be destroyed.

4. Invest in Deadbolts

When it comes to exterior doors of your home, you should add at least one-inch thick deadbolt locks to each door. Though they are slightly more expensive than typical locks, deadbolts are much sturdier and provide more robust protection. Installing a strong deadbolt is a relatively easy task. When shopping for the right lock solution for your property, look for locks that come with a Grade 1 deadbolt specifically, meaning that it has earned the highest grade security certificate.

5. Install Window Sensors

A contact sensor is one of the simplest ways to create a secure perimeter around your home. Adding this tiny device to your windows will allow you to receive alerts when a window is open. Additionally, when it comes to window security, check routinely for any that have been carelessly unlocked or have inoperable locks.

6. Team Effort with Neighbors

Whenever you’re away, it’s best practice to let a neighbor know and have them look after your house in your absence. This includes collecting packages, mail, and newspapers so that it is less obvious that your house is empty. It’s always reassuring to have a second set of eyes on your home from a trusted neighbor.

7. Take Precaution with Your Garage

Unless you are present in the garage, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of always closing the garage door. An open, unsupervised garage leaves a lot of your outdoor possessions vulnerable to theft. In addition to making sure the garage door is closed whenever possible, we recommend removing your garage door opener from your car. If you keep your garage door opener in a visible place in your car, such as the visor, it can easily attract thieves to break into your car for the sole reason of the opener.

With the right measures, you can make sure your home and family are safe from potential intruders. Why not start securing what’s most important to you today with these easy-to-implement DIY security solutions? Investing in a little extra peace of mind now will certainly pay off down the line.