Energy Efficiency

How to Create an Energy Efficient Bathroom
An energy efficient bathroom is better for the environment and your bank account. When you use less energy, your bills decrease, and you have to replace your fixtures less frequently. It’s not as hard as it sounds to have an energy efficient bathroom, and with most of these changes, you won’t even notice a difference […]
How Much Can you Save with a Solar Water Heater?
Water bills take up more than 15 percent of the average homeowner’s monthly utility bills. Making up such a significant portion of your bills, it’s no wonder that millions of homeowners around the country are turning to solar water heaters to save money and protect the environment. Solar water heaters use solar energy to heat […]
Home Energy-Saving Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill
The average electricity bill in the United States is $137.70 per month, and that’s just electricity. Homeowners and renters still have to pay for gas charges too. So while you need utilities to live comfortably, it doesn’t mean you should overspend. Here are the top ways to lower energy bills that anyone can do to […]
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