2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

As the calendar turns a new leaf and welcomes 2024, it’s an opportune moment to reflect not just on personal aspirations but also on the space we call home. 

With a fresh year ahead, it’s time to contemplate the resolutions that can breathe new life into our living spaces, elevating their sense of comfort and productivity. From fostering a more sustainable environment to enhancing functionality and aesthetics, setting New Year’s Resolutions for our homes can pave the way for a year filled with improvements. 

Here are some transformative resolutions tailored specifically to our living spaces in the year ahead: 


1. Implement Sustainable Practices

In order to be energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint, you don’t need to make efforts out of this world to be effective. We’ve rounded up some small steps you can take towards cutting back: 

  • Turn off the lights when they’re not in use. A good practice is to get in the habit of shutting them down every time you leave a room.
  • Seal and insulate doors and windows to increase efficiency of heating and cooling systems 
  • Prioritize recycling of paper, plastics, and other materials 
  • Shut off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Invest in LED light bulbs 
  • Reduce amount of water used for grass and landscaping in the yard 
  • Try composting 


2. Cut Out Time for Cleaning

Whether being neater is on your list of resolutions or not, we all probably have some room to improve when it comes to cleanliness. When it comes to cleaning, routine is key. On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, create a schedule that works for you to avoid any messes building up overtime. Keep all supplies in an area where you can find them, and focus on one area of cleaning at a time.

To reach maximum productivity, it’s worth enlisting the help of your family. Divide and conquer in order to get the cleaning out of the way as fast as possible.


3. Rearrange the Room

The new year serves as a time for us to reflect and regroup if we so choose – so why not do the same with your furniture? Oftentimes furniture arrangements can become stale and need to be moved around from time to time.

For example, in summer months it may not make sense to have your room arranged around the fireplace. To ensure your home is welcoming and prepared to host family and friends, why not give the areas you entertain in an update? Don’t be afraid to mix it up from season to season for optimal comfort and efficiency.


4. Declutter

In 2024, let’s redefine the terms need and want. Likely, we all have a lot of junk accumulated over the years that we don’t particularly have a need for. Start the year off by getting rid of things that you don’t have use for anymore. These things can be donated or sold, and the ones that are essential can be reorganized and put away for later use. 

Committing to a regular decluttering routine is transformative for any home. Embracing this habit on a monthly basis can do wonders for the level or organization in your home. A monthly purge of unnecessary items liberates space, breathing new life into your home as a whole. 


5. Test Your Alarms

Keep your home safe and secure by ensuring the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are properly functioning. Push down on those test buttons to make sure they’re in working order, then take a few seconds to remove dust that could be preventing them from performing optimally. While it seems obvious, it can be easy to forget to replace batteries for optimal safety.


6. Prioritize Air Quality

Keeping the air in your home clean and healthy should be a priority for everyone. Make it part of your resolution this year to stay on top of HVAC maintenance and filter changes, as well as invest in localized ventilation systems like exhaust fans or range hoods – especially key areas such as bathrooms/kitchens that tend to contain more humidity, smoke and cooking fumes. Going beyond these basics can give you even further benefits: install some specialized filters around the house to make sure you’re breathing only fresh air!


7. Attempt a DIY Project

Set a goal to make at least one improvement in 2024. If you’ve never attempted a DIY project, now could be the time. Even if you hire a professional, try adding your own personal touch or decorative accents. If you’re struggling to nail down a starting point, we’ve put together DIY projects to tackle in 2024.


8. Invest in Upgrades

Your home is a valuable investment. However, in our tendency to delay upgrades until our current appliances fail, we miss out on the transformative potential of embracing modern advancements. 

In the coming year, contemplate the shift toward smart home appliances. Beyond their sleek aesthetics, these devices redefine convenience. Seamlessly integrating with your phone, they observe and adapt to your daily routines, harmonizing within your home ecosystem, offering a more streamlined and mindful living experience. 


9. Improve Your Home Office

Safe to say at this point, home offices are here to stay with the presence of hybrid work or full-time remote jobs heading into 2024. For those continuing to work remotely, it’s time to level up. 

Ideally, creating a distinct and organized space separate from your personal living area is key. This simple step will help create a distinct boundary between work and leisure. Setting up a dedicated home office not only aligns with design trends, but can also potentially elevate your home’s value when the time comes to sell.


10. Create a Gathering Space

First and foremost, a gathering space fosters a sense of connection and togetherness among family members, friends, and guests. It provides a designated area where people can come together and socialize. 

A gathering space can serve as a versatile area for various activities, from hosting events and celebrations to offering a relaxed space for casual conversations. Ultimately, dedicating effort to creating a gathering space can enrich your home life and promote a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter. 


Final Thoughts

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make improvements in your home! Planning ahead with realistic goals can help you avoid disappointment when it comes to completing projects around the house. From smaller projects to those on a grander scale, set achievable resolutions for 2024 with incentives like rewards for hitting each mini milestone along the way. This could be your – and your home’s – best year yet.