Top 9 Flooring Trends

Flooring is the key to unlocking your home’s potential. Revamp any renovation project by taking advantage of the most popular flooring trends. Our picks include an exciting variety of stylish, value-adding surfaces perfect for a refresh on your current space. These nine flooring trends are sure to add value to your property:

1. Patterned

Homeowners will have a fun and unique way to customize their space in 2023 with eye-catching patterns for vinyl plank and tile. This trend is perfect for anyone aiming to make a bold statement in the kitchen or bathroom, allowing them to mix multiple colors together rather than using one uniform color.

2. Oversized Planks

Wood or vinyl planks over 3 inches wide are typically the go to option in traditional designs. Because of their size, they are typically easier to install. Wide planks can be used to make a room look more spacious, as well as adding stunning visual interest. Seeing the dramatic wood grain and markings of larger boards brings character that is otherwise impossible in smaller pieces.

3. Light Oak

One hardwood in particular continues to make its way to the top of homeowner’s lists. Light oak hardwood is a top choice whether it’s a beach vacation home or city apartment, making the room feel larger and relaxed.

4. Luxury Vinyl

Homeowners looking for a stylish aesthetic of wood or tile without breaking the bank should seriously consider Luxury Vinyl. This durable flooring has been revolutionized by advanced technology, giving it a life-like appearance while offering unbeatable features like waterproofness, stain resistance, and simple cleaning routines that are ideal for busy parents or pet owners.

5. Natural Concrete

With its sleek, modern design and versatility in style choices, concrete flooring and tiles provide the perfect minimalist enhancement to bathrooms, kitchens, or living spaces. Its clean aesthetic will give any room a new fresh look. Concrete is also cheaper than wood, highly durable, and low-maintenance.

6. Marble

Marble is making its way back to the spotlight with a big comeback specifically in entryways and bathrooms. Homeowners continue to embrace a spa-like feel throughout their homes, and marble is the perfect way to make that statement.

7. Bamboo

Looking to take your home’s style and sustainability up a notch? Bamboo flooring is an option worth exploring. This trendy, eco-friendly option has strength unparalleled by oak and can even withstand challenging climates. With different colors, grains and plank sizes available, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

8. Graphic Tile

Give your bathroom, shower or kitchen an artistic upgrade with the addition of a graphic tile. Choose from geometric patterns and various colors to create either a natural aesthetic or make a statement. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold – these eye-catching pieces are perfect for pulling any space and its design together.

9. Terrazzo

Terrazzo, a unique combination of chips and marble in eye-catching colors, has undergone an impressive revival in recent years as more people look to its retro charm for style inspiration. This flooring makes the perfect statement, and we’ll see an even bigger shift to bold patterns and brighter colors particularly in bathroom remodels.