8 Questions to Ask a Plumber

Finding the right person for the job can sometimes be harder than you think. It can be difficult nailing down a company that is affordable, professional, and performs quality work consistently. To save you the headache, we’ve put together some of the most critical questions to ask a plumber.


1. What kind of warranties do you offer?

Plumbers may or may not guarantee their work. Don’t sign a contract until you have a comprehensive understanding of what is covered. Typically, most contractors are willing to make repairs or replacements to any issues for a minimum of 30 days after the service is provided. However, this can vary and should be put in writing after whatever you verbally agree upon.


2. Do you have references?

A good plumber understands that success hinges on providing high-quality work and excellent customer service to ensure they receive positive reviews. Word of mouth from satisfied customers can mean more jobs coming their way. Ask to see references from past customers, and even photos of their previous work.


3. How long have you been in business?

The more years of experience in the plumbing industry, the better. While at times this can feel like a generalization, it’s an important question to ask. The more job experience they have indicates a higher quality level of work.


4. Do you have any advice on avoiding future plumbing issues?

A good plumber isn’t just there to fix the issue at hand – they want you to gain knowledge and will set you up for success by being a resource for helping you stay ahead of potential issues. From preventive maintenance to providing advice on how to avoid repeat repairs, the most valuable plumbers are the ones who will share their expertise.


5. Do you have a speciality?

Similar to other professions, plumbers can specialize in a particular area of work. This is a crucial question to ask to make sure you’re hiring someone with the right experience. If your project can be completed by a general contractor, just make sure they have the proper licensing and insurance.


6. Can you provide a breakdown of payment?

Most accurate quotes require an in person visit to understand the scope of the project. Once the plumber is able to give you an estimate, it’s important to inquire about whether or not the price they’re providing includes labor and material. Each plumber or company is unique in the way that they charge for their services, so be sure to get clarification around this as well. For example, some plumbers may charge by the hour, which could get expensive quickly for a project timeline that gets extended.


7. What are your hours of operation?

Some plumbers work 24/7 while others only work certain hours or days. Make sure you have a trusted plumber you can call in case of an emergency. If your plumber doesn’t offer emergency services, can they put you in touch with someone who does? In some instances, plumbers will charge for after-hours services. While you may never need to use them, we recommend preparing for the worst and gathering details on what those fees are before any crisis strikes.


8. Are you licensed and insured?

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to confirm your plumber of choice is licensed and insured. If you only have one question to ask, it should be this one. Without this protection, you may be responsible for any issues that arise on the job or any injuries that take place on your property. A certified plumber will have the knowledge necessary for codes and regulations throughout the industry.