Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close and What To Do
Opening your garage door to drive your car inside, only to have the door stop halfway and refuse to close is frustrating, to say the least. A garage door that won’t close all the way can happen for several reasons – some just require simple DIY fixes while others require professional help. Knowing the common […]
Get to Know the Different Types of Door Hinges
With the wide variety of door hinges available on the market today, making the right choice for your home can get confusing. In this comprehensive guide, we break down the different door hinge types, materials, finishes, and proper installation techniques. We’ll explore all the factors to consider when selecting durable, smooth-functioning, and aesthetically pleasing hinges […]
Guide to Installing Pet Doors
Give your dog or cat the freedom to come or go at will by installing a pet door at your home. When life gets busy, a pet door can be the perfect solution to ensuring your pet is able to escape into the outdoors without you being there. Although installation will vary by style and […]
6 Types of Doors for Your Home
If you’re thinking of upgrading or replacing your home’s exterior door, you have many material and style options to choose from. A new entryway can add character as well as security to your residence, while also increasing its value should you decide to sell it in the future. In this blog post, we’ll explore six […]
Guide to Painting Doors
Painting a door can feel like an intimidating task, but with the proper guidance it doesn’t have to be! Whether you choose to remove or leave in place your door from its hinges, use these tips and tricks for success. We’ll guide you through selecting colors and products, prepping for painting, plus techniques that guarantee […]
15 Tips for Garage Door Maintenance
Your garage door is an essential feature in your home. You can’t get your cars, recreational vehicles, or your large yard tools out without a working garage door. A garage door can also be dangerous if it’s not properly maintained and its safety ensured. A malfunctioning garage door could hurt your car or, worse yet, […]
Guide to Replacing Doors in your Home
The doors on your home do more than you think. First, they add tremendous curb appeal. They are often the focal point of the front of your house and can make or break your curb appeal. Second, and more importantly, they protect your home from outdoor elements. A good front or back door can make […]
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