Best HVAC Companies in South Fulton, GA

An HVAC technician testing the electrical current of an HVAC system.

In South Fulton, GA, a properly functioning HVAC system is not just a comfort; it’s a necessity, especially given the region’s hot summers and chilly winters. Choosing the right HVAC company is crucial for ensuring your home remains a safe and comfortable sanctuary regardless of the season. 

With numerous options available, it is important to select a provider that delivers both quality service and value for money. This article aims to guide you through selecting the best HVAC companies in South Fulton, GA.

By the end of this piece, you’ll not only understand the importance of a well-maintained HVAC system but also be equipped with knowledge on how to choose a reliable service provider. Read on to discover the top local HVAC professionals and the comprehensive services they offer to keep your system running smoothly.

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Top HVAC Companies in South Fulton, GA

O’Callaghan Heating & Air Conditioning

  • MyHomePros TrustScore:  8.5/10 (Very Good)
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5
  • Years in Business: 24
  • Services Offered: indoor air quality, hvac maintenance, hvac installation and replacement
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 8:30AM-5PM
  • Address: 3458 Buffington Center, Atlanta, GA 30349

Company Overview

For over 40 years, O’Callaghan Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., a family-operated entity spanning three generations, has provided top-notch HVAC services to both residential and commercial settings in the Metro Atlanta area. Known for their sterling reputation backed by a commitment to reliability, integrity, and honesty, O’Callaghan ensures customer satisfaction with their professionally trained technicians and superior customer support. They are fully licensed and insured, offering free consultations on upgrades and new systems, straightforward pricing without hidden fees, and various financing options, making quality heating and air conditioning solutions accessible and affordable.

What Their Customers Are Saying

O’Callaghan Heating & Air Conditioning of South Fulton, GA, consistently impresses its customers with timely, professional, and knowledgeable service. Clients appreciate the company’s honest assessments and efficiency, often noting the professionalism of technicians like Jordan, Wallace, and Dylan, who not only perform routine checks and repairs but also engage in explaining the processes and options available to the homeowners. The company stands out for its willingness to advise on the best solutions, even if it means not gaining immediate business from the interaction. Long-term customers trust O’Callaghan for its commitment to quality service and fair pricing, often mentioning continued satisfaction over many years of service.

Essential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

  • MyHomePros TrustScore:  8.0/10 (Very Good)
  • Google Rating: 4.8/5
  • Years in Business: 23
  • Services Offered: hvac installation, hvac service and repair, UV lights
  • Hours of Operation: 24/7
  • Address: 675 Herron Trace, Atlanta, GA 30349

Company Overview

Essential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., with a rich history of over 25 years, serves the Atlanta metro area as a cherished family-owned and operated business that treats its customers as family. They emphasize 100% customer satisfaction, providing high-quality products and services, including HVAC maintenance and installations for both residential and commercial clients. Recognized for their trustworthy approach, Essential Heating & Air offers comprehensive service contracts to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of HVAC systems. Their technicians are committed to delivering flawless service, evident from their compelling discounts, financing options, and a strong focus on customer-centric service practices.

What Their Customers Are Saying

In South Fulton, GA, Essential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has garnered praise for its admirable customer service and professionalism. Customers are particularly pleased with the prompt and knowledgeable technicians who provide thorough explanations of issues and efficient repair services. Reviews frequently highlight positive interactions with staff members like Terrell and David, who are noted for their courtesy and expertise. This company is frequently recommended for its reliability, responsiveness, and consistent professionalism in handling both routine maintenance and more critical heating and air conditioning needs.

A Degree Above HVAC

  • MyHomePros TrustScore:  7.5/10 (Very Good)
  • Google Rating: 5/5
  • Years in Business: 6
  • Services Offered: hvac replacement, hvac maintenance, indoor air quality, air purifiers
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 7:30AM-6PM, Wednesday 7:30AM-5PM, Saturday open 24 hours
  • Address: 239 Kingsbrooke Cir, Palmetto, GA 30268

Company Overview

Founded in 2018 by Robb Norris, A Degree Above Cooling and Heating prioritizes doing the right thing over the easy one, focusing on providing outstanding customer service in the installation and maintenance of residential and light commercial HVAC systems. With over 1,000 system replacements to their credit, their technicians are highly trained and are continuously updated with the latest industry practices. Their affiliation as a Trane dealer underscores their commitment to high-quality equipment and service, with generous warranties and a track record of high customer satisfaction reflected in their numerous 5-star Google ratings.

What Their Customers Are Saying

A Degree Above HVAC is highly regarded in South Fulton, GA for their exceptional service and professionalism. Clients highlight the prompt and efficient service offered by technicians like Rob and Dan, who are celebrated for their straightforward and knowledgeable approach. The company has earned a solid reputation for thorough maintenance checks and reliable emergency repairs, ensuring that heating and cooling systems run smoothly. Customers appreciate the clear communication, punctuality, and responsiveness that A Degree Above HVAC consistently delivers, making them a top choice for HVAC services in the area.

Prator Heating & Air LLC

  • MyHomePros TrustScore:  8.0/10 (Very Good)
  • Google Rating: 4.9/5
  • Years in Business: 106
  • Services Offered: hvac maintenance, hvac installation and replacement
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM, Saturday 8AM-6:30PM, Sunday 12-5PM
  • Address: 7600 Commerce Ct, Riverdale, GA 30296

Company Overview

Prator Heating & Air LLC redefines comprehensive HVAC services in its market, standing out as a family-owned business that handles everything from routine service checks to full system installations. They emphasize a personal touch and technical superiority in their services, ensuring that each client’s heating and cooling needs are met with expertise and care.

What Their Customers Are Saying

Prator Heating & Air LLC, serving South Fulton, GA, is lauded for providing exceptional HVAC services that combine professionalism, punctuality, and value. Customers frequently praise Rick, a notable technician, for his expertise, effective communication, and the high quality of his work. The team is known for their thorough cleanup post-installation and their ability to handle emergent situations promptly. Prator Heating & Air LLC is recommended for anyone needing dependable and expert services, ensuring that systems are not only repaired or installed but also thoroughly explained, leaving customers satisfied and informed.

Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling

  • MyHomePros TrustScore:  6.3/10 (Good)
  • Google Rating: 5/5
  • Years in Business: 16
  • Services Offered: hvac replacement, hvac maintenance, hvac installation
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-6PM, Saturday 8AM-5PM, Sunday 9AM-4PM
  • Address: 1561 Virginia Ave, College Park, GA 30337

Company Overview

Since its inception in 2001 by Sean McKinney, Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling has grown steadily, relying on its foundational principle of providing accessible and quality service. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they pride themselves on listening closely to customer needs while offering dependable solutions for HVAC repairs and maintenance. Their commitment to quality service is backed by positive reviews on platforms like BBB, Kudzu, and Angie’s List, making them a trustworthy option for those in need of reliable heating and air conditioning services.

What Their Customers Are Saying

Maintenance Unlimited Heating & Cooling receives enthusiastic feedback for their exceptional service quality and responsiveness in South Fulton, GA. Customers appreciate their ability to quickly address issues with detailed and proficient work. The technician Shawn receives particular praise for his attention to detail and capability in explaining services, ensuring that clients understand the work being done. This company is celebrated for their reliability and professionalism, proving to be a steadfast resource for same-day service calls and efficient HVAC solutions, reinforcing their reputation through consistent customer satisfaction.

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My Home Pros TrustScore™ Methodology

At My Home Pros, we understand that finding reliable home service providers is crucial for homeowners. To help you make the most informed decisions, we developed the My Home Pros TrustScore — a comprehensive rating system designed to gauge the reliability and quality of companies listed on our platform. 

This score is calculated using a combination of factors that reflect a company’s performance, customer satisfaction, and overall business integrity. While we keep the specific metrics and the calculation confidential to maintain fairness and prevent manipulation, we assure you that each component is chosen based on its relevance and importance to consumers. 

The My Home Pros TrustScore is our commitment to providing you with a transparent, trustworthy way to evaluate home service professionals, empowering you to choose with confidence.

How to Choose the Best HVAC Company in South Fulton, GA

Whether you’re looking for HVAC repair or installation, knowing how to choose the best HVAC company in South Fulton, GA, is essential. Your home’s comfort relies on a consistently working HVAC system. Here’s what to consider when looking for the best HVAC companies near you.

  • Proper license and insurance: To operate an HVAC company in Georgia, business owners must have proper licensure from the Georgia State Board of Conditioned Air Contractors and proper liability insurance. Be sure to ask the HVAC professional for copies of their licenses and insurance before working with them; don’t just take their word for it. 
  • Ensure adequate experience: Ask your HVAC pro about their experience in addressing your HVAC issues or installing the type and brand of air conditioning or furnace you want to purchase.
  • Get a free estimate: Reputable HVAC companies in South Fulton will provide a free estimate for your HVAC repairs or installation. Ask for an estimate in writing to see what’s included and to help you compare offers.
  • Obtain quotes from multiple companies: Compare quotes from several service providers to determine who provides the best prices while ensuring top-notch service.
  • Read reviews: Check out reviews left by past customers to determine a company’s reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask them for testimonials or referrals to talk to previous clients yourself.

HVAC Services Offered by Companies in South Fulton, GA

At My Home Pros, we partner with HVAC companies that offer various HVAC services to ensure temperature control and comfort in your South Fulton home. The services you’ll find include:

  • AC and Furnace Repair: Air conditioners and furnaces naturally break down after constant use. Having the best HVAC pros available to fix the repair is essential. You should partner with a company that offers quality services and around-the-clock service for any emergencies you experience with your HVAC system.
  • AC and Furnace Install or Replacement: Air conditioning units and furnaces last 15 – 25 years, depending on the brand, type, and how well they are maintained. This means if you have lived in your home for at least 10 years or bought a home with an A/C or furnace with many years on it already, you may need a replacement.
  • AC and Furnace Maintenance: Proper upkeep of your AC and furnace units prevents unnecessary breakdowns and may lengthen your appliance’s longevity. Many companies offer affordable maintenance plans to ensure you stay on track with your AC and furnace maintenance.

Common HVAC Issues Requiring Repair

While there are many reasons why your HVAC unit may need repairs, there are typically common signs such as your system blowing warm air, hearing loud sounds or rattling, and smelling odd odors that suggest it’s time to call for help. To help you get a head start, here is a list of some of the most common AC issues that require repairs:

Refrigerant leak detection

Detecting a refrigerant leak is an important AC repair before recharging. If a technician recharges the refrigerant without checking for leaks, it will only temporarily solve the problem until the new refrigerant leaks, leaving you in the same position. Fixing the leak first and then recharging is the best course of action.  

Compressor repair or replacement

Determining whether to repair or replace a broken compressor depends on the age of your unit and the number of issues you’ve had with it. Repair may make the most sense if it’s relatively new, but replacement may buy you more time if you’ve had it for a while or it’s broken down before.  

Fan motor replacement

Condenser fan motors are the most common AC parts that fail but are typically the least expensive to replace. The fan motor powers the fan, which produces cold air throughout your house. The parts and labor are relatively inexpensive, making this an easy AC repair.  

Thermostat repair or calibration

If you notice fluctuations in the airflow throughout your house or your AC runs more often than usual, a thermostat repair or calibration may be necessary. If you aren’t familiar with how to do this, the thermostat is damaged, or there are issues with the wiring, it’s best to look for professional AC repair companies near you.  

Ductwork inspection and repair

Ductwork leaks can cause you to lose as much as 20% – 30% of your cool air, forcing your AC unit to work harder. A ductwork inspection can determine if there are leaks or if they require cleaning to provide proper airflow.

HVAC Repair and Installation Costs in South Fulton, GA

When it comes time to decide which HVAC company to choose for you AC, Furnace, or Heat Pump repair or installation, knowing the average costs in South Fulton is of utmost importance to ensure you are getting a fair deal. 

While costs can vary significantly based on a few factors, the average cost to repair an HVAC unit near South Fulton is $461, and can range from $97 to $826. On the other hand, the average cost to replace or install an HVAC unit near South Fulton is $8,294, and can range from $2,868 to $19,842.

Use these estimates as a guide when you’re reviewing quotes from local HVAC companies, and as mentioned previously, be sure to compare quotes from multiple HVAC companies in South Fulton to ensure you are getting the best deal. 

Deciding Between HVAC Repair vs HVAC Replacement

The HVAC industry uses a simple rule of thumb to determine whether to repair or replace a faulty HVAC unit. All you need is the cost of repairs and the HVAC unit’s age.

Multiply the unit’s age by the cost, and if the answer exceeds $5,000, you should replace instead of repair your AC.

For example, your AC unit is six years old, and the repair will cost $2,000; your answer is $12,000, which exceeds $5,000, so replacement is best.

Other signs to look for when considering replacement versus repair include:

  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Energy inefficiency
  • Higher than normal electric bills
  • Uneven or poor airflow

When deciding if you should consider HVAC installation, also look into any attractive financing offers the manufacturer or installer offers, as it may make more financial sense to take advantage and get a new system.


Finding a trusted HVAC company in South Fulton, GA, is essential for controlling the temperature in your home year-round. Whether you’re looking for HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance, having a reputable company to keep your home comfortable is essential.

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What is the #1 HVAC brand? 

Trane and Carrier are consistently at the top of the list when it comes to the best HVAC brands in the United States, but several other brands, including Bryant, Goodman, and Lennox, also offer great HVAC systems. The key is to find an HVAC company that works with the brand you prefer.

What is the longest-lasting HVAC?

Furnaces have the longest lifespan out of any HVAC system. Reputable brands can last 15 to 20 years.

What is the number one problem with HVAC systems?

Dirty filters and ductwork are the most common HVAC problems, but other problems that require reputable HVAC companies include water leaks, frozen evaporator coils, and bad compressors.

How many years will an HVAC last?

Many HVAC systems last 15 to 25 years, but their useful life depends on the brand, maintenance consistency, and how quickly you take care of repairs.

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