DIY Kitchen Projects

The kitchen is where a large chunk of time is spent within the home, so if yours is feeling uninspiring it may be time for a revamp. With a few DIY kitchen projects, you can transform your space into the perfect new environment for cooking and gathering.

1. Floating Shelves

For a modern, open-concept look, implement floating shelves on your kitchen walls. Floating shelves serve as a stylish and practical way to create more storage space. Fill your shelves with anything from plants to artwork to kitchen utensils, the choice is yours!

2. Update Floor

Give your kitchen a revamp with fresh floors. Want to make a flooring update but not sure exactly what? Check out top flooring trends to discover the best choice to unlock your home’s potential.

3. Backsplash Update

Choose from a variety of material such as tile, stone or even reclaimed wood to add a touch of character to your kitchen. DIY backsplash projects can go in a few different directions. The first addresses homeowners who already have a backsplash tile in place, but maybe it isn’t a color that suits your needs. You can actually update what you already have in place with a new coat of paint. A project of this nature can be completed for less than $25. On the other hand, homeowners looking to install a new backsplash are taking a road that is a little more involved. Check out this guide on how to install a tile backsplash.

4. Coffee Station

For some people, coffee is the most important part of the day. Why not set up a dedicated spot for it on your countertop? This way, everything you need to get your day started on the right foot will be within reach. To bring a bit of rustic charm to this space, try out using an all inclusive tray filled with all of the coffee essentials. A cozy coffee bar filled with mugs, sweeteners and sugar is sure to create a warm atmosphere for you and any guests.

5. Paint Cabinets

Give your kitchen an exciting transformation without breaking the budget! All you need is to refresh the paint on those cabinets. Switch up the shades for an eye-catching contrast or stay within the same color family to keep it subtle.

6. New Hardware

You would be surprised what a huge difference replacing all your kitchen knobs makes. Replace old and outdated knobs, pulls and hinges with new hardware for a quick refresh. There are tons of options out there for this upgrade such as different shapes to different materials like brass, nickel and even marble.

7. Lighting

Kitchen lighting has come a long way! Installing illuminated cabinets provides an easy, effective enhancement to your decor. A lighting upgrade doesn’t need to break the bank, according to research all you need is $10 up to $100 depending on quality and length of lights to give your room an extra glow.