Walk-In Tubs

Guide to Home Modifications: Aging in Place
According to the CDC, falls account for 36,000 deaths in seniors 65 and older, usually happening at home. So rather than risking your loved one’s safety and health, it’s crucial to understand the home modifications for aging in place. It sounds like a lot of work and like it might be easier to move your […]
The Importance of Safety Features in Your New Walk-In Bathtub
As we age, mobility and flexibility tend to decline, making everyday tasks like bathing more challenging. For many seniors, getting in and out of a standard bathtub poses a safety risk that can lead to slips and falls. Walk-in tubs provide a safe bathing solution, allowing easy access and exit while seated. With the right […]
Tips for Buying a Walk-In Tub
A walk-in tub can be a game changer for individuals who experience mobility issues, creating a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. However, purchasing a walk-in tub can be a complex process that requires careful consideration of several factors. With so many options available in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s essential to have […]
Walk-in Tub Accessories
In the realm of modern bathroom innovations, walk-in tubs have emerged as a transformative solution, redefining comfort, safety and luxury for individuals of all ages. As our population experiences an increase in the number of individuals seeking accessible bathroom options, the popularity of walk-in tubs continues to soar. This journey into wellness is further enriched […]
How to Clean Your Walk-in Tub
When you invest in a walk-in tub, you invest in your health and safety and your home. In many areas, a walk-in tub can also help a home’s value, especially if the target audience of homebuyers is older people. To maintain your walk-in tub’s value and keep it functioning well, it’s important to know how […]
8 Tips for Saving Money on a Walk-in Tub
A walk-in tub may be a necessity immediately or something you’re thinking about for the long term. Either way, it’s a large investment. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on a walk-in tub without sacrificing its function. What is the Average Walk-in Tub Cost? The average walk-in tub costs $2,500 – $8,000, depending on […]
Walk-In Tub Cost Guide
                                    Walk-in tubs can make a home safer and more accessible, especially if you’re aging in place or need an accessible bathroom. Knowing your walk-in tub budget can help you choose the right tub with the right features. […]
Are Walk-In Tubs Tax Deductible?
Installing a walk-in tub can bring a variety of benefits, including improved accessibility and safety for individuals with mobility issues. Alongside these advantages, there may be a possibility of obtaining a tax deduction for the initial costs. However, the eligibility and requirements for such deductions can vary depending on individual circumstances and the tax laws […]
Alternatives to Walk-in Tubs
Are you a homeowner in the process of making modifications to help your elderly loved ones age in place? Bathtubs quickly become one of the most dangerous spots in a house as you age, with people over the age of 85 frequently facing injury or hospitalization due to falls that occur while bathing or showering. […]
10 Walk-In Tub Advantages
As more seniors begin to age in place, walk-in tubs are becoming more commonplace. While it’s an upgrade to your home that might cost several thousand dollars, there are many walk-in tub advantages to consider. Whether you’re nearing your senior years or you’re already in your senior years and need to modify your home, many […]
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