Bring Your Home to Life with Window Treatments

With window treatments, you can bring life to any room and customize it to reflect your style. You’ll also get added benefits like temperature regulation, light control, privacy enhancement and energy efficiency.

There’s so much versatility when it comes to choosing the right coverings for different windows throughout your home. Window treatment options range from sheers allowing plenty of natural light in, or shutters providing extra insulation during colder months. It all depends on the type of atmosphere you are trying to create. Window treatments make it easier than ever to achieve your ideal space. We’ve compiled some of the most popular window treatment options to choose from:


1. Vertical Blinds

Wider and taller windows are the most common instances where vertical blinds make the most sense. These are typically budget friendly and low-maintenance. When closed all the way, they can provide a strong sense of privacy and operate on a sliding system if you want to shift the blinds to one side for an open view. It’s also possible to just turn these partially, giving you the freedom to choose.


2. Mini Blinds

Aluminum blinds, also known as mini blinds, are a common choice throughout households. This type of blind is a lightweight and affordable way to cover up multiple windows. Coming in almost every shade imaginable, these window treatments offer great value. Go with high-gauge aluminum to ensure you get strong and durable mini blinds that can withstand everyday use.


3. Outdoor Shades

Whether you’re looking to enjoy your porch in the warm summer months or keep wind and dust out on a windy day, outdoor shades provide protection while still allowing light to stream into your home. Created from high-quality all weather fabric, they typically come in grays, whites and charcoal black.


4. Drapery

From bold solids to eye-catching patterns, a set of stylish drapes can instantly add character and function to any room. Drapes are typically hung on an elegant rod with clips, hooks, or grommets for easy operation. Drapes strike the balance between functionality and style, and have the ability to be opened fully from the right or left, or in the middle.


5. Woven Shades

Woven wood shares, often called bamboo shades or matchstick shades, offer a natural look and are also an eco-friendly option. The woven wood texture adds an earthy vibe to any space, and the amount of light able to seep in depends on the weaving style.


6. Pleated Shades

Pleated shades offer easy installation and give you the freedom to customize your windows with designer fabrics, different colors, and unique pleating sizes. These sophisticated window treatments create an accordion effect when raised, adding a unique touch to any room’s decor.


7. Roller Shades

Year after year, these are one of the most popular choices when it comes to window treatments. This is because roller shades are easy to use, have a sleek look, and come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures to complement any room.


8. Sheer

A sheer curtain, occasionally referred to as a net curtain, is one that is made from translucent (sheer) material. As a staple of home decor, sheer curtains can easily be found in an array of shades. However, when searching for window coverings with increased privacy during the day, white ivory and cream are good choices. This choice will let the light peek through but keep the outside world out.


How do I begin styling my windows?

Work with the Room Dimensions You Have

Start by taking measurements of your window frame and include measuring from where the top of the curtain rod will be posted to the bottom of the floor if you use curtains. If you’re looking to create a more spacious feel in the room consider hanging full-length curtains from the ceiling. Or go for something simpler like shutters or blinds if fitting smaller windows. Take measurements first so that way you’ll know exactly how much fabric is needed – knowing this measure from either the top of where curtain rod will be posted or bottom window frame depending on size.

Create a Vision

Window treatments can be a transformative element in any home. Shopping for curtains and other window fixtures gives you the opportunity to bring your vision for a room together, from deciding between light and airy or bold patterns that make an impact to choosing colors that complement existing furniture pieces. By asking yourself questions like “Do I want my windows to stand out?” and setting up certain expectations ahead of time, you’ll have all the information necessary to create beautiful scenes with your window treatments!


How do I know I need new window treatments?

1. Bent Slats

Warped slats can be the first sign of heat damage for faux wood blinds, and potential humidity damage for wood blinds. Both will prevent your blinds from raising correctly all together, and not only will this be an eye sore but functionally it’s time to replace these blinds.


2. Difficult to Raise

If your blinds require force to raise or simply won’t raise at all, it could be signaling it’s time to invest in new window treatments. Either the lifting mechanisms are on their last leg, or your blinds may have been made too wide and the cords can no longer handle the heavy load.


3. Frayed Cords

Over time, even the toughest of cords can fray and wear down – a sure sign that your window blinds have seen better days. Whether they’ve aged gracefully or been chewed away by internal mechanisms, it’s important to recognize when replacement is necessary in order to avoid falling, malfunctioning coverings. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get new window treatments before yours become unusable!


4. Needs Aren’t Met

If your current set of blinds aren’t giving you enough privacy, letting in enough light, or keeping the temperature bearable, etc., don’t wait any longer to invest in replacement treatments. Upgrade to something better so your space is reaching its full potential!


5. Out of Style

It may be time to switch out the treatments from when your home was originally built. If your treatments aren’t giving your space the touch of style it needs, there are endless options to choose from in order to transform your space into a modern, updated look.



What is the most common window treatment today?

Roller shades are expected to remain at the top of window covering trends in 2023, boasting a minimalistic style with plenty of earth tone colors, textures and hardware options. This modern look is perfect for homeowners looking to implement trending naturistic color palettes into their decor.

What is the most cost effective window treatment?

The most affordable window coverings are typically fabric blinds, such as roller blinds, Roman shades, and cellular shades.