Heat Pump Replacement Cost
A heat pump heats and cools your home without using fossil fuels like traditional furnaces, making it an eco-friendly option to keep your home comfortable. Instead of using fuel, it pulls energy from the air to heat and cool your home’s air.  While it’s a significant investment in your home, it keeps you and your […]
Guide to Air Conditioning Replacement Cost
If your HVAC technician has informed you that an air conditioning replacement is necessary, it can be overwhelming. It’s not a small purchase with an average cost of $5,900. It can also be more expensive if your home doesn’t have the necessary ductwork or you purchase a more expensive system. Before buying an AC unit […]
Attic Insulation Cost Guide
There are numerous reasons to install attic insulation, so understanding the average attic insulation cost is crucial. Replacing existing insulation or adding it for the first time can take up a good chunk of your home renovation budget, so knowing what to expect is important. This guide will cover the average insulation cost, the types […]
Understanding the R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out
R-22 refrigerant was one of the most common fluids used in air conditioning units until 2020. As of January 1, 2020, it has been globally banned.  The Environmental Protection Agency created a 10-year phaseout plan to eliminate it, creating a transition phase for homeowners. Why eliminate a substance that’s so important to AC systems’ functioning? […]
Ideal Humidity Level for Your Home
You want your home to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have any humidity. The perfect balance ensures your home feels comfortable and doesn’t risk mold growth or a damaged structure.  Proper humidity levels are also good for your overall health because it is easier to breathe and generally function in pleasant humidity […]
Understanding Ceiling Fan Direction
Did you know your ceiling fan direction can increase your home’s energy efficiency? The right direction can help your home feel comfortable all year long.  Ceiling fans use much less energy than your HVAC system, making them an affordable option to cool or warm your home. Understanding the right fan direction in the summer and […]
Thermostat Replacement Cost
Your choice of thermostat can make or break your home’s energy efficiency.  Fortunately, thermostat replacement cost is among the least expensive HVAC repairs, but it can have a powerful impact on your home’s comfort level and HVAC systems’ functioning. This guide will help you determine how much a new thermostat costs, factors to consider, and […]
HVAC System Maintenance Checklist
Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of your HVAC system year-round. By following a comprehensive checklist, you can maintain the performance and longevity of your system. Here is your ultimate HVAC maintenance checklist to help you keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Key Takeaways: Check and Replace HVAC Filters Regularly […]
HVAC Terms Homeowners Need to Know
When it comes to maintaining a comfortable living space, homeowners rely heavily on their HVAC systems. However, navigating the complex world of heating, ventilation and air conditioning may be daunting, especially with those who are not familiar with the terminology. To help homeowners understand their HVAC systems and communicate more effectively with HVAC contractors, we […]
HVAC System Replacement: What to Consider
As a homeowner, replacing your HVAC unit is a significant decision that can impact your comfort and energy bills for years to come. While it can be tempting to stick with your current unit as long as possible to save money, an outdated or inefficient HVAC system can end up costing you more in the […]
Main Types of HVAC Systems
By selecting the right HVAC system, you can create a comfortable and productive environment while optimizing energy usage and reducing costs. Let’s explore the most common types of HVAC systems, their unique advantages, and how they cater to different building types and climates. Ducted HVAC Systems Ducted HVAC systems utilize a network of ducts to […]
7 Signs You Need to Call an HVAC Technician
Staying comfortable at home is essential, and your HVAC system plays an important role in that. Unfortunately, like most other mechanical systems, your HVAC system can develop issues over time which could lead to costly repairs if left unchecked. To prevent this from happening, we’ve put together some of the key warning signals you should […]
How to Clean a Clogged AC Drain Line
Homeowners often focus on the air conditioner unit itself and how well it’s running while overlooking the drain line, a crucial component of the AC unit. If the air conditioner line inside the house gets clogged, it can cause water damage and mold growth.  This not only poses a risk to your house and family […]
What is Auxiliary Heat?
If you’ve ever seen the words ‘auxiliary heat’ or ‘aux’ on your thermostat and panicked, you’re not alone. It’s alarming to see anything out of the ordinary on our thermostats, but in this case, it’s not a reason for concern. If your furnace has an auxiliary heat setting, it means you have ‘backup heat.’ Typically, […]
MERV 8 vs Merv 11 vs Merv 13: Which is Best?
As a homeowner, you know your HVAC system needs air filters, but did you know there are different ratings, including MERV 8, 11, and 13? The different filter ratings affect the air quality in your home and could affect how you and your household members feel. A good air filter is the first line of […]
Ductless Mini Splits vs Central AC
Installing a new AC unit in your home is a big decision. The average cost is $5,900, but it can range from $3,600 to $8,200, which is a hefty investment. One of the largest decisions you’ll make when choosing a new AC system is ductless mini split vs. central air conditioning. This guide will help […]
Guide to Furnace Installation
A well-maintained furnace can last 15 to 20 years, so most homeowners must have a new one installed at least once. Understanding the furnace installation process is important. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, improper furnace installation could increase energy usage by as much as 30% compared to a proper installation. This […]
Guide to HVAC Hard Start Kits
The compressor in your air conditioner undergoes significant strain each time it kicks in to start your AC. Installing a hard start kit can provide the necessary boost to ease its workload, potentially extending its lifespan. If your AC lacks a hard start kit or you notice it struggling to start, exploring the option of […]
Homeowner’s Guide to Furnace Flame Sensors
The flame sensor plays a crucial role in your furnace, safeguarding against gas leaks or potential explosions. Recognizing signs of a malfunctioning flame sensor and knowing exactly how to rectify it are essential for the safety of your home.  What is a Furnace Flame Sensor? As the name suggests, the flame sensor detects when the […]
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